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Works: Sound Installations, Film Sound Design, Radiophonics, Music Releases

02/04/2023 Eavesdropping Festival, Cafe Oto: Performance of interactive composition The Nochestra

29/04/2022 Wild Energies, Live Materials, Annea Lockwood festival: The Soil Factory

20/02/2022 Radiophrenia: MAiSIE- 2-day live broadcast of melting block of ice

26/03/2021 Hannah Peel: Remix of Carbon cycle, Fir Wave (Mercury prize nomination)

10-12/06/2020 Terror on Tour Conference: MAiSIE (Multi-Sensor Airborne Sea Ice Explorer). Live broadcast of melting block of ice

2019 Liminalities: On line Journal of Performance studies: The Abstraction of Home: Sound story and essay from Calais refugee camp

27/12/2018 WDR Pour la Radio contributor Andrea Cohen:

09/11/2018 Terror on Tour Conference, HEAD, Geneva:'Sand Creep' - recordings of inside sand dunes

17-18/03/2018 Eavesdropping Symposium: Disappeared concrète sound and poetry from women activists around the world.

29/06/2017 Sound and Environment Festival, Hull: High Torque: Recordings of wind pump on Somerset Levels

08/04/16 Terror on the Move Symposium: Chichester University:The Abstraction of Home: Animation and Sound from Calais refugee camp

May 2013. No 1 Royal Crescent, Bath, Georgian House Museum: Sound effects installation.

28/07/2012  Channel 4. ‘McQueen and I’: Feature film on fashion icon Alexander McQueen. Music by Maesh (Jo Hutton and Roy Dodds).         

18/10/2011 to June 2012 Museum of London, Charles Dickens Bicentenary Exhibition, sound installation 

              2012 Ear to the Earth live streaming festival, '100 x John,': On Dungeness Beach                                                                               

April 2011 to June 2011. Film Pressure , Tower of London, Southwark Arts Forum:                 

2010.  Ear to the Earth Festival, New York. Electronic Music Foundation: Cave Recordings.


2017 - 2021 Started the Technecast Podcast for Arts Council PGRs,.

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