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02/03/2023      Points of balance and the Infra-thin in Éliane Radigue’s Endless music,’ Contemporary Music Review

2020-2023       The Wire, writer

2020-2023       Electronic Sound, writer

21/10/2020        PhD Surrey University: Systems, Objects and Space in the work of Beatriz Ferreyra, Delia Derbyshire, Éliane Radigue and                                     Teresa Rampazzi

June, 2020         Delia Derbyshire, Caroline Catz interview, The Wire online, Issue 460

July   2020         The Ferreyra Sounds: Beatriz Ferreyra, Electronic Sound, no. 67:  ,

          2010          Grove Music Encyclopedia Online, Delia Derbyshire

         2009          Daphne Oram, Oramics CD Sleeve notes, Paradigm, PD21

April 2003          Organised Sound, Daphne Oram, Innovator, Writer and Composer. CUP

          2000         Diffusion, Sonic Arts Network, Radiophonic Ladies


24/05/2023      Éliane Radigue Conference, Columbia University, Paris

30/11/2019         Delia Derbyshire Day panel discussion, British Library, 

21/06/2018        Blue dot Festival, Jez Riley-French Audible Silences series

17-18/03/2018  Eavesdropping Symposium: Disappeared

03/02/2018      CRISAP, visiting lecture series Composers of the Radiophonic Workshop

05/06/2017       Else Marie Pade Symposium, Cafe Oto

23-24/06/16     Eliane Radigue Conference: Sorbonne University, Paris

13/11/2015           Women In Sound Symposium. Lancaster University: What is it with Women and Drones?

03/12/15              Lecture on Women Electroacoustic composers at Leeds University: Electric Storm: Inventions and Inventors in early                                                            Electroacoustic Music

11/02/16               Her Voice Rises: Royal College of Art symposium: Electric Storm: Inventions and Inventors in early Electroacoustic Music

12/09/2012         London Science Museum, British Electronic Music Day: Daphne Oram and The Radiophonic Workshop.

07/04/2011        Wire Salon, Café Oto, The Sounds of New Atlantis, Daphne Oram and The Radiophonic Workshop. London

27/06/2008       London South Bank Purcell Room, Daphne Oram Symposium

Radio (Guest Contributor)

17/03/2018          BBC Radio 3 Hear and Now Eavesdropping symposium     

13/05/2017          BBC Radio 3 Music Matters feature on Delia Derbyshire    

06/12/2015          Radio Coventry Breakfast programme, Delia Derbyshire feature.

15/09/2015          Radio Bavaria, Germany: Towards Tomorrow feature on the BBC Radiophonic Workshop,

03/08/2018        BBC Radio 3 Sunday feature:Wee have Also Sound Houses  on Daphne Oram

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